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Sioux City, Iowa

5722 Sunnybrook Drive

Sioux City, Iowa 51106

Call or Text: 712-898-8026

We're committed to delivering the best waxing results while keeping your skin our top priority.

Our goal is to have you feeling like family by the

time you leave.

Every body is welcome!

Before booking any appointments, please

review the FAQ tab and Cancellation Policy.

Brazilian . . .70

Extreme Bikini . . .60

Bikini . . .50

Booty Cheeks . . .25

Full Legs . . .75

Half Legs . . .45

Full Arms . . .45

Half Arms . . .35

Back . . .60

Chest . . .40


Brows . . .20

Lip . . .18

Chin . . .15

Neck . . .20

Ears . . .15

Nostrils . . .15

Full Face . . .50

Nape . . .25

Stomach . . .25

Toes/Foot . . .15








Hair needs to be grown out for a minimum of three weeks.

Tip for leg waxing: the longer the hair, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I let my hair grow out before coming to get waxed?

A: Absolutely no less than three weeks; If the hair is too short the wax will not be able to grab ahold of it, which will result in rescheduling the appointment to a later date. And we WILL know if it hasn't been three weeks... :) Pro tip: Exfoliating the day before your wax will help the hair come out easier.

***A tip for leg waxing---the longer the hair the better!***

Q: Will I be sore afterwards?

A: You may experience a little bit of tenderness. It doesn't necessarily "hurt", but the area may be warm and tender for the first 24 hours. Avoid touching the area as we all have bacteria on our hands, which could cause ingrown hairs. After the full 24-48 hours, you should be right back to normal; and if not please contact us.

Q: How long does the hair stay away for?

A: Approximately two weeks. ( We say approximately only because everyone's hair growth is different). The first two weeks you should be completely bare (if not very close), the third week is when you'll start to see it come back, and the fourth week is when we recommend for you to come back for your next session.

Q: What're the do's and dont's after waxing?

A: For the first 24-48 hours you SHOULD NOT:

-Tan outside or in tanning bed

-Take a hot shower (warm is better)

-Touch (germs/bacteria on our hands)

-Submerge area in a hot tub, lake, ocean, etc. because...bacteria!

-Have intercourse

-Apply scented lotions, creams, products

-Wear lace underwear (Brazilian & Bikini waxers)

-Wear tight fitted clothing (rubs and irritates the waxed area)


-Exfoliate and moisturize after the tenderness goes down

-Keep the area clean

-Keep it simple; the more you mess with it or put products on the more chances for reaction and breakouts

Q: If I'm on acne medication can I still get waxed?

A: This must be disclosed before any waxing procedure, as this is very serious. Please be aware that any (topical or oral) acne medications can cause skin lifting, tearing or burning. We have a list of medications that we will be able to tell you if waxing is allowed for your skin or not. If currently on or have been on Accutane within the past year, we will need a doctor's approval for waxing before performing any services.

Q: Can I still get a bikini/brazilian when I'm on my menstrual cycle?!

A: Absolutely; and quite honestly, it happens all the time. We just ask that you use a new tampon right before. There are always wipes and tampons provided in our bathroom to freshen up before any appointment! You may (or may not) experience a little more tenderness during the service. Some women say it's no different, but if you're nervous you may always take some Tylenol before.

Q: Can I still get waxed if I'm pregnant?

A: 100% YES.

Q: What is the difference between a "bikini" and an "extreme bikini"?

A: Bikini is just your bikini line - top and sides. Extreme Bikini is where the top is taken as far down and sides are taken as far in, without taking everything; pretty much the middle lip area is what will be left. It's more than a bikini, but less than a Brazilian.

Q: Is there a certain age for waxing?

A: Yes. If under the age of 18, a parent/legal guardian must be preset and a signature will be required.

Q: I had to enter my card information to book an appointment. Will this be charged before my appointment?

A: No. We require card information ONLY to enforce our Cancellation Policy. If you were to no-show your appointment or not give a 24 hour notice of cancellation, then yes, that card may be charged 100% of the service(s) booked.

It's been a tough battle to apply, but we've been burned too many times in the past. This is our career, profession and livelihood and we take this seriously. This is not like other jobs where you get paid an hourly or salary wage; if you don't show up, we don't get paid.


We respectfully reserve your appointment time for you and look forward to our time together!

***One exception is bad weather. I do NOT want you attempting to go out if you don't feel comfortable doing so. In this situation, the Cancellation Policy is waived and I'll get your appointment moved to another day without charge.***

Start waxing today!

Hair needs to be grown out for a minimum of three weeks.

Tip for leg waxing: the longer the hair, the better.

Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask if you're needing to reschedule or cancel your appointment,

please call at least 24 hours in advance.

We understand there are unexpected events and emergencies that come up.

But if you no-show for your appointment(s) or give less than

a 24 hour notice of cancellation/rescheduling,

We reserve the right to charge up to 100% cost of your scheduled

services; and may ask for a pre-payment to book your future appointments.

Thank you in advance!

By booking an appointment, you've agreed to this cancellation policy.

Meet the Team

My name is Megan Lamplot

​The Wax Room Owner, Licensed Esthetician & Cosmetologist, and of course, a waxing specialist.

I'm married to my childhood neighbor, Bennett, and we have three kids - Reece, Jovi & Cambri.

We reside in northeast Nebraska living the good life.

my interest for the beauty industry started back in 2009 at College of Hair Design in Lincoln, Nebraska when becoming a licensed esthetician. while the next step of life was graduating cosmetology school to further my industry knowledge, I quickly knew doing hair wasn't my passion.

After doing hair for 5 years, I came back to the skin care world as fast as I could.

I then realized there were no exclusive waxing businesses in Sioux City, so I took the leap and never looked back!

With 14 years of experience in the beauty industry, I focus on waxing consistency, speed, and promising dedication for all clients to leave with outstanding results every time.

​I hope the services provided here at The Wax Room are a reflection on how much we love what we do!

From starting in a tiny little "Wax Room" to today; none of this would be possible without thank you.

​See you soon!

Hi I'm Laura!

​I'm so excited to be part of The Wax Room team! I am originally from Denver, Colorado and attended Hair Dynamics Beauty School in Fort Collins where I completed the Cosmetology program.

I started my career at The Scream Peach Wax Studio in Fort Collins where I was a studio wax manager for many years.

Soon after is when I met my husband, Michael. We have been married for 4 years and have a pug named Birdie. We recently relocated to Dakota Dunes where my husband is the GM of The Dakota Dunes Country Club.

In my spare time you can catch me playing a little golf, going to concerts, and shopping!

I specialize in speed waxing-quick, easy, efficient, painless waxing from head to toe.

My goal is to have you leaving feeling confident and your most beautiful self.

I look forward to seeing you for a service!

Join the Team

Are you a Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist

that loves to wax? We’d love to have you on our team.

*Unlimited Time off*

​*Flexible Hours*

call/text: 712-898-8026

or email:

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